We Make your place at the beach. With a CoolCabana you can relax all day long in cool shade and style.

Easy 1 person set-up and pack-up. Light and easy to carry and with all corner sand pockets anchored with sand you can relax knowing your CoolCabana won't go anywhere.


Simpler, Smarter, Better - There's Only 1 CoolCabana

World's Best Sun Shelters

CoolCabanas 2

With anyone of our timeless Classic CoolCabanas you'll always be in style, CoolCabanas 2 have an all aluminium frame and open to 6'6" along each side - large enough for 2 adults and 2 young children.

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COOLCABANAS 3 Size L - STRIPES, Almost Sold Out COOLCABANAS 3 Size M - STRIPES COOLCABANAS 3 Size L - PALMS,  Almost Sold Out Restocked Mid Feb COOLCABANAS 3 Size M - PALMS COOLCABANAS 3 Size L - NAVY,  Almost Sold Out Restocked Mid Feb

Brand new

CoolCabanas 3

Select from our amazing new CoolCabana 3 collection. Patented compact fold and even easier set-up and pack-up. Choose from a massive 8'x8' or our standard 6'6"x6'6" sizes.

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Belinda, Gold Coast Australia

Been using one for last 3 years. Does everything it says. Sand holds it down while other umbrellas are flying across beach. Extremely easy to take up, down and put back in bag. I do it by myself. LOVE,LOVE this product. Plus - it looks really 'cool"

Kim, Florida USA

It is truly the best one out there. I have so many of beach umbrellas. But since I bought this one, I never look for another again. It is a must have for mom who loves to take the kids to the beach. Kids have fun filling sand into the pockets. It is light and so easy to set up! It is also stable in the strong wind. We live by the Gulf Coast.

Julie, Hawaii

We bought one to use at the beach this past week.....it was amazing! It worked perfectly! It was easy to set up and take down.....my 5 year helped with putting sand in the pouches and loved helping empty them....sand doesn't get all over like someone was saying. We had really windy days too and it never budged and the tent was so sturdy! Best thing ever!

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