Setup in Two Minutes

With just one centre pole, and anchored by sand in four columns, CoolCabanas are incredibly easy to setup, provide plenty of shade for everyone, and are strong in the wind.

Beach Luxury
Red Label

The epitome of seaside luxury.

Elevate your beach day with our most premium beach shade, the Red Label. Built to enjoy endless summer days with coastal elegance.

The World's Best Beach Shelter

Protect Your Skin

Enjoy the beach without worrying about sunburn, ageing, and skin cancer. All CoolCabanas are rated for UPF 50+ protection.

Shade for Everyone

With 64ft² (Large) or 43ft² (Medium) of shade, you'll never be curled up for shade again.

Easy, One-Person Setup

When designing the CoolCabana, it was extremely important to us that one person could set it up.


Yes! All CoolCabanas have been designed to be set-up by one person.

You can check out a full video and instructions for setup here.

We typically recommend a Large for families or groups of three and above. A medium is ideal for a group of one-two.

It is important to note that whilst the large is only 10cm longer when packed up, it provides 45% more shade when open.

Yes! All styles of CoolCabanas provide UPF 50+ protection, and have been tested by an independent third party.

You can check out those test results here.

CoolCabanas are designed to be easily carried on your beach or lake journey.

They come with an ergonomically designed carry bag, featuring a shoulder strap, and weigh 14lbs (Large) and 13lbs (Medium).

Yes! CoolCabanas will fit in (almost) all cars.

When in the carry bag, CoolCabanas are 3'5" (Large) and 3'2" (Medium).

Yes! CoolCabanas can be used on grass, making them ideal for use at sporting games, the park, or lake.

For use on grass, you will need to pick up our grass kit.

The CoolCabana 5
The Sun Shade Changing Beaches Worlwide

Join the revolution.

Designed by experts, CoolCabanas can easily be set-up by one person, provide UPF 50+ protection for the whole family, and are anchored by 35lbs of sand to keep your CoolCabana on the beach.