By following the instructions CoolCabanas are incredibly easy to setup and pack-up alone. If it's windy and instructions are not followed you could end up losing your Cool...

For CoolCabanas 5 watch the videos above and on our home page. For earlier versions refer to the instructions provided with your CoolCabana or search CoolCabanas on YouTube.

Setup Instructions

Make sure all corner columns are pulled tight, all sand pockets are completely filled with sand and the centre middle pole is not buried below the sand line marked on the pole. Failure to do this could result in your CoolCabana blowing over causing damage. Also follow the instructions below;



1. Insert sand spike into middle pole then place vertically on the sand

2. Tap the sand spike into the sand by sliding the middle pole up and down.


Keep tapping until the middle pole touches the sand then STOP. Note if the middle pole is below the sand line the corner fabric supporting columns will sag and your CoolCabana will be unstable in the wind.




3. For Size M slide the extra second middle pole onto the lower middle pole. For Size L there is only 1 middle pole.

4. Keep your CoolCabana closed and slide it onto the top middle pole.


5. Open an arm on the windy side and completely fill the sand pocket, open the remaining arms filling each sand pocket as you go.

6. Position each sand pocket so the corner fabric column is tight and vertical.

Note all 4 columns must be pulled tight otherwise your CoolCabana is not anchored against the wind. You can do this by setting the middle pole height correctly as described above, digging a hole for each sand pocket or by pulling the base of each corner column outwards away from the centre pole.


1. Empty the sand pockets on the non windy side and fold the arms in.

2. Empty the sand pockets on the windy side and fold the arms in.

3. Wrap the fabric columns around the closed CoolCabana and pull the bag over the top.

4. Slide the middle poles and sand spike in the bag with the sharp ends pointing upwards.