How to set up your CoolCabana

Follow the simple steps or video below to set up your CoolCabana with ease, in just a few minutes.

How to Pack up your CoolCabana

Step 1
Tap the sand spike into the sand

Place the Sand Spike inside the center pole and tap it vertically into the sand.

Do not tap it in past the marked 'Sand Line', if you do the corner columns will be slack and will not anchor your CoolCabana properly.

Pro tip: To align your CoolCabana to the beach edge, point one corner of the center pole directly towards the water.

Step 2
Place the CoolCabana on the center pole

If you have a medium CoolCabana, it will include a second center pole. Please slide this on top of the lower center pole before proceeding.

Step 3
Open an arm, fill its sand pocket. Repeat.

Open the arm on the windiest side (generally the ocean side), and fill its sand pocket.

Then open the arm in the opposite corner and fill its sand pocket. Repeat this process for the remaining two corners.

Finally, ensure there is no slack in the columns. As the beach is typically uneven, you may need to raise or lower the sand a few inches underneath the sand pockets or possibly place the sand pockets further away from the center pole.

Now relax, enjoy your day, and join the CoolCabanas Beach Club!

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