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The CoolCabana 5 reimagines what a beach shade can be. No need to worry about your umbrella flying down the beach, not having enough shade, or overheating in an enclosed shelter. See all colours.

  • UPF 50+ protection
  • 64ft² of shade (Large)
  • Folds down to 3'2" (Medium) and 3'5" (Large)
  • Sand pockets provide 35lbs to keep you on the beach

    Medium - 43ft2

    • Ideal for groups of two or a family with one child.
    • Open to 6'7" x 6'7".
    • Provides 43ft2 of shade.
    • Folds down to 3'2".
    • Weighs 11lbs.

    Large - 62ft2

    • Ideal for groups of more than two, or a family with more than one child.
    • Opens to 8 ft x 8 ft.
    • Provides 64ft2 of shade, 35% more than a medium.
    • Folds down to 3'5".
    • Weighs 12.5lbs.

    How does this compare to a beach umbrella?

    A large beach umbrella is typically 6ft in diameter, which provides 28ft2 of shade, less than half the shade of a large CoolCabana.

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    Key Benefits

    Protect Your Skin

    Enjoy the beach without worrying about sunburn, ageing, and skin cancer.

    Easy, One-Person Set-Up

    When designing the CoolCabana, it was extremely important to us that one person could set it up.

    Shade For Everyone

    With 64ft² (Large) or 36ft² (Medium) of shade, you'll never be curled up for shade again.

    Strong in the Wind

    CoolCabanas have four sand pockets which anchor it to the beach. When filled these provide 35lbs of total weight across four anchor points to keep your CoolCabana on the beach.

    Ergonomic Carry Bag

    Keep your hands free on the walk to the beach with our perfect carry bag (included with your CoolCabana).

    Customer Reviews

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    Perfect for families

    I purchased the large navy stripes cabana and it was perfect for our family of 7! The kids were able to get out of the sun and even nap when they needed it without the entire family packing up to leave. It was super easy to set up and only took 2-3 minutes. It also did well in the wind when other people were folding up their beach umbrellas.

    Large cool cabana

    I have a few median cabanas at home for at least 5 years I live on the beach in Breezy Point NY and they are great I was coming to Florida and my daughter was also coming with 2 small children so shipped one to my moms in Florida for the beach so baby would have shade stays up even in wind!

    Life changing!

    I’m very fair skinned and never ever spend time at the beach but purchased as my 3yo loves the beach. First outing today 5 hours at the beach in total comfort on a 30 degree day. Shade for everyone, easy set up and fold down for one person. Will never go to the beach without it. I’m now a beachgoer! I got the lemons print abd it’s super cute.